Software to help you get the most from your accelerometer data.

Accelerometer software for data analysis to aid in the research and understanding of time period data collections. KineSoft hosts the tools needed to get the most out of your data.

KineSoft's reporting engine can handle thousands of data files simultaneously and generate reports depending on your needs. A flexible configuration design and selectable outputs allow you to tailer reports to best fit the specific needs of your study.

Whether you're assessing file quality, determining study parameters or publishing results; KineSoft can help you save valuable time and resources.

Fully integrated to handle Actigraph and Actical accelerometer data files, the software can be easily updated to handle other manufacturers and data formats.



News & Events

  • New website launched.
  • Actigraph GT3X & GT3X+ Models now supported.
  • Web deployed version planned for late year release.
  • Help and tutorial video's now available online.

Key Features

  • Virtually unlimited batch file processing capabilities.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Compatible with the Actigraph and Actical accelerometers and is easily adapted to include other devices.
  • File Preparation, Data Modeling, Wear Time Screening, QAQC, Cutpoints, Fractionalization, Time Windowing, and fully customizable Report Configuration.
  • User programmable and predefined cutpoint equations.
  • Allows full batch capabilities when using age-specific cutpoints.
  • Comprehensive suite of graphing tools and spreadsheet viewers.
  • QAQC functionalities in both real-time and post hoc.
  • Screen for valid files or valid days within files via customizable wear time algorithms.
  • Comprehensive technical support and knowledgeable content expertise relating to physical activity and inactivity measurement.
  • Add-on tools that function as self-contained programs within the main program (e.g., File Inspector, Insta-Graph, NHANES Reconstitutor, File Replicator, Epoch Converter).
  • Read-In-File capabilities which can be used to alter start dates and/or times and input variables that may relate to cutpoints e.g., age, gender, weight, height, BMI, etc.
  • KineSoft sample outputs: Vitals, QA/QC, Wear Non-Wear, Intensity, Accumulation, Windows, Hour-by-Hour, Bout Ranking.
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